Thursday Oct 21, 2021
Tents can be occupied from 3 p.m.

Friday Oct 22, 2021
8.00 a.m. you can move into the parking spaces and tent sites
10 a.m.-11.45 a.m. starting number distribution
12.00 p.m. start of the 48-hour run

Saturday Oct 23th 2021
11 a.m.-11.45 a.m. starting number distribution
12.00 p.m. start of the 24 hour run
10 p.m.-11.45 p.m. starting number distribution 

Sunday 24th Oct. 2021
00.00 a.m. start 12 hour run
05.00 a.m. - 5.45 a.m. start number distribution
06.00 a.m. start 6 hour run
12.00 p.m. end of the race about
1.30 p.m. award ceremony

General information:
A sponsored run for the benefit of pro infirmis (non-profit organization for the benefit of disabled people) is integrated into the 24-hour run. The participants of the 6/12/24/48 hour run can also take part. Register online or on site in the caffeteria.

 After reaching 100km, 100 miles and 200km, the runners receive a flag with which they run a lap.

 In the Schützenhaus there is a relaxation room where you can lie down. At the end of the run after the final signal, the runners mark their position with the respective start number. The remaining meters are then measured.

The competition regulations for IAU European Cup runs apply. Outside the designated refreshment zones, supervision / walking is not permitted.

Overnight runners:
A 4X6 meter tent is available free of charge for runners from Friday 12 noon to Sunday 12 noon! Bring your own sleeping bag and / or air mattress.

 -runner/staff 15 minut walk to nearest hotel Rotes Haus Offer.

Catering for runners:
Food may only be delivered on the straight line where the refreshment zone is located. The organizer offers the following meals: Beverages: Water, hot tea, cola, Sponser iso drink, malt beer, red bull, coffee Edibles: Pasta, bread with various toppings (cheese, jam), peanuts, sponser bars, cakes, chocolate, biscuits, fruits (bananas, oranges, grapes) Opposite the refreshment stand there is a second tent for runners without their own tent, where they can deposit their material and personal provisions.

Catering options for supervisors:
At the grandstand (start and finish) there is a cafeteria.

 Medical: The Brugg Samaritan Association is responsible for medical care.

Massage: In the rifle house next to the paramedics Cloakrooms.

showers: The cloakrooms and showers are located in the Au sports complex, 300m from the circuit (see map“Duschen“). The footpath is signposted.

Start numbers and chip: Will be available in the caffeteria 1 hour before the respective start.