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Dear runners,
As already mentioned, on behalf of our OC, I would like to thank everyone involved in the 48-hour run in 2022 for taking part.
Although the weather didn't always look like it, various best performances were set again this year. We decided, shortly, to open a new menu «
records» on the homepage.

But first for the
-12 hour run Pascal Rüeger
157.986 km
  last year Pascal ran
84.427 km in 6 hours
-48 hour run Matteo Tenchio
342.141 Km 
-Prof. Dr. med. Beat Knechtle has achieved a world record since he ran 6 hours with us about
 3 months ago, 
-In the past 15 events, a lot has "gone"
thanks to you, that spurs
 us on for the future!
The registration - tool is now in function:
Register - Registered

Dear participants, there is the possibility to take part in the sponsored run at the same time, that can motivate you to drive more miles. Your friends or acquaintances can run with you, even with a starting number and chip. When, how far and for what amount you can decide yourself.
Do good with the knowledge that thanks to
Pro Infirmis "this event got off the ground."
I ask you to check the positive location, thank you:
"Go, go....."

See you then
sporty greetings

Ps. Good slide in to new jear 2023

24Stundenlauf Brugg
Fredi Büchler